PraiseNotes offers piano arrangements as PDF downloads of some the most popular and enduring hymns of the Christian faith. As a hymn writer, and one who has played the hymns for my church for nearly 30 years, I know what works — what kind of arrangements beginner students can actually play. I have tested these hymns with my own students, and they love them. These arrangements for the piano student are bundled in our “hymn package” that include:

  • Cover page: hymn name, tune, author, composer and hymn meter
  • Student hymn worksheet, including additional hymn verses
  • Simple hymn arrangement: finger number guide (indicates finger position change), optional “Amen” ending, verse one lyrics
  • MP3 file: an audio file of the hymn arrangement to assist the student in ear training, practice and gaining familiarity with the song

Note: the MP3 file and a sample PDF of each arrangement are available to review prior to purchase. Select arrangements also include a video recording.

Please consider purchasing our book Hymns For Kids: Learn How to Read and Enjoy Christian Hymns that explains the history, importance, and beauty of hymns. It is the perfect complement to our piano arrangements to teach hymnology to children.

Our piano arrangements are found in a number of categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. They are also grouped by season/theme: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.