I appreciate that Kim Snow is teaching the playing of classic hymns. While it’s true that folks are still writing hymns that are doctrinally rich, Christ-centered and Biblical, the classics stand in a special category.

For one thing, they’ve stood the test of time, and thus they connect us with our past. As we sing hymns such as “Rock of Ages,” or “Immortal, Invisible,” or “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” or “And Can It Be?”, we are joining hands with believers of decades and even centuries past. It reminds us that Biblical faith was not invented in 2010. It reminds us that we are joined in our worship with saints from many times and many lands.

These hymns have seen believers through times of joy and harvest, and times of darkness, disease and persecution. These hymns distilled deep, eternal, Biblical truths, and made them both moving and memorable. They edify the spirit, inform the understanding, and stir the affections with deeper love for God, firmer trust, and higher aspiration.

I appreciate Kim putting them on the hearts, lips, and fingertips of our generation.

Dan P.

Many talented people could teach my child to play the piano, however, Kim Snow is doing much more: she is teaching her to love God’s Word in a variety of ways. First, Kim’s teaching style exemplifies Christ through her patience and grace while always challenging my daughter to remain accountable for her studies. Kim’s lessons and individualized musical arrangements have integrated God’s Word into my child’s life beautifully from the very start of her lessons. In addition, she has successfully trained my child to be disciplined in developing her gifts for the express purpose of glorifying the Lord publicly. Finally, by using hymns packed with God’s truth my daughter has not only been taught how to read and play musical notes, but Kim has also skillfully taken the time to discuss the song’s lyrics and their greater meanings.

As a pastor I always have an eye toward discipleship and teaching God’s Word, and frankly have been amazed at the link between my daughter’s growing proficiency in playing the piano and the strengthening of her walk with God. I would encourage all families to take advantage of Kim’s gift with teaching and her God-centered approach to music. Thank you Mrs. Snow for being my daughter’s piano teacher, her hymn appreciation instructor, her encourager to be purposed and disciplined in her studies, and her mentor.

Pastor Noble W.
Pine Valley Community Church

I am grateful for the service offered by PraiseNotes. Three years ago I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to teach the children to play hymns to serve the church. I was looking for appropriate material when I came across PraiseNotes. My students enjoy the arrangements and find the pieces easy to learn. They have now started to play for some of the the services in church. What a blessing. Thanks Kim.

Jennifer B.

We are really enjoying your hymn arrangements. I use them for teaching my children (ages 5 and 7) piano. In the past I have taught children in our church as well, and if I do that again I will use your songs, too. I had been searching for age appropriate hymns because I want my students to learn hymns and also learn songs with deeper meaning than most children’s piano books offer. I love what you provide. Thank you!

Angie D.

I am so thankful to God for leading our family to Mrs. Snow. Her love for Jesus radiates through all she says and does. Our three children have developed a wonderful love for the piano, a rich education in hymnology and an unquenchable desire to serve The Lord with this gift. Mrs. Snow has been one of the best investments our family has made; I pray The Lord continues to bless her for her faithfulness. We love Mrs. Snow!

Renee C.

Mrs. Snow plays a variety of music. She uses this to find what you like to play; she finds your style. After about 2 lessons with her, she figured out what I liked and was able to use that to teach me hymnology.

Abigail G.

Praise Notes, indeed. I am 64 years old, learning to play the piano as a first instrument.

Kim Snow knows. She clears the air of all fear, brings out what I hold dear: to develop a relaxed confidence in myself with notes from this incredible instrument. She knows, through years of experience and keen perception, how individuals process and learn. I’m developing an ear to recognize sounds, patterns, and relationships, and “getting it” with great enjoyment. That is a true teacher! I never thought I could do this but I am! Praise Notes to Kim!

Jean H.

My daughter’s Skype lessons are a tremendous blessing! Kim does an amazing job personalizing piano lessons to meet my daughter’s needs and I love the convenience and flexibility of having lessons in my own home. Even though her lessons are long distance, my daughter is learning a great deal and continues to be inspired by Mrs. Snow’s superb teaching.

Mandy N.

My three daughters have been taking lessons with Kim Snow for about 7 years. For the past 5 1/2 years, we’ve done lessons via Skype and my girls have progressed beautifully. Skype lessons are convenient for a busy mom like me, and Kim has so mastered the online-teaching technique that it’s almost as if she’s sitting next to the girls at the piano. Kim’s unique emphasis on the building blocks of music–not solely sight-reading–has given my daughters the confidence to pick up any piece of music or hymn and have fun playing it or transposing it. Kim encourages my girls to play music that is real and relevant to them–the great hymns of the faith. Piano practice around our house is an uplifting blessing!

Kate U.

Kim is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable church pianist, composer, and teacher. Despite my years of piano lessons growing up, there were very limiting gaps in my education, which Kim has so graciously and patiently addressed with me, bit by bit. I’m so thankful for her lessons, the friendship we’ve developed, and her passion for creating beautiful music as a church hymnist for the glory of God.

In addition, Kim has opened up the opportunity for me to resume my education through lessons via Skype. As a busy homeschool mom of four, this is the homeschool equivalent of online distance learning. I’m so grateful for the Skype medium because it allows me to learn from Kim in a way that fits my family’s needs. It not only suits my tight schedule, but Kim uses colorful visuals, custom designed pdf files, and her keyboard in such a way as to make it feel like we are sitting together in her piano studio.

Kim is gifted to provide her wonderful service uniquely to Christian families, given her definite Christ centered focus, and I’m very grateful to be blessed with her friendship and musical expertise!

Gina H.