Hymns for Kids: Learn How to Read and Enjoy Christian Hymns (Psalms and Praise Choruses, Too!) introduces hymns to children.

Hymns for Kids teaches children about worship music, concentrating on hymns. Along the way, they learn many key musical concepts as they learn how to “read” a hymn. Appropriate for beginner piano students, as a unit study for homeschoolers, or just for introducing the study of hymns, Hymns for Kids is written with 8 to 12-year olds in mind (though it is appropriate for younger, and older, audiences). There are four sections: an overview of hymns; the “technical stuff”; Hymns for Kids hymnal; and, worksheets, puzzles, and answer keys.

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  • The reason why we sing and what the Bible has to say about singing
  • The history and purpose of hymns
  • Types of worship songs: psalms, hymns, and modern praise songs
  • A review of famous hymns and hymnbooks, and hymn writers like Isaac Watts and Fanny Crosby


  • How many people does it take to write a hymn?
  • Voices; four-part harmonies
  • Lyrics and refrains
  • Tune names
  • Meters: common, long, short, etc.
  • How to use a hymnbook


The second edition is a significant revision. We added a lot of new content, more than doubling the page count from 37 to over 80:

  • Twice the number of “Quick Review” questions scattered throughout the text — over 50
  • Expanded text about praise songs
  • New section on Psalms:
    • History and importance of the book of Psalms in the Bible
    • Types of Psalms
    • Poetic style
    • Psalters
  • Unique words found in hymns: Amen and Alleluia
  • Special types of hymns:
    • Benedictions
    • Doxologies
    • Musical Responses (Amen, Gloria Patri, and more)
  • Hymns for Kids hymnal
    • Representation of what a hymnal looks like
    • Indexes
  • Worksheets
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Word Search puzzle
  • Answer keys for:
    • Quick Review questions
    • Hymns for Kids Hymnal worksheets
    • Puzzles

We are excited about this revision and believe it will help give students (as well as teachers and parents) a love for hymns. Please click below to review six pages of Hymns for Kids.

Book Sample – Hymns for Kids

To get the most out of Hymns for Kids, we recommend using it with our book series of hymn arrangements for beginner piano students, Favorite Hymns for Kids. If you do not need the worksheets that are part of Favorite Hymns series, or you have adult students, please review our other series of hymn arrangement books, Just Hymns.

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