God’s Heavenly Hosts Proclaim

One Sunday in the year 2000, I was not feeling well enough to attend church. While at home, I had a time of prayer and Bible reading. I was so struck by the words of Revelation 4:8-11 that I wanted to write a song based on this passage. I composed the melody and my husband wrote the words.


God’s heav’nly host proclaim
Throughout the day and night:
Holy, holy, holy,
Lord God in all His Might.
Who was and is to come,
He reigns enthroned above.
Praise his wonderful love.

For thou deserve our praise;
Give glory, honor and thanks
To him that sits on the throne,
Forever and ever alone.

Creation’s hosts exclaim,
Around the holy throne
Golden crowns they cast down
To worship God alone.
All power and honor
To thee, O Lord, belong
Cry all the saints in song.

Eternal Beginning
And thou Eternal End;
Creator of all things;
All things before thee bend.
For thy holy pleasure
All nature you have made;
Thy glory is displayed.

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God's Heavenly Host