For His Glory, For His Pleasure

One day, during one of my piano lessons (yes, piano teachers often have lessons themselves!), I was discussing popular worship music with my teacher. He responded by giving me a homework assignment to write my own praise song. I went home and wrote this music. At that time, my children had recently finished memorizing the Children’s Catechism, which is an introduction to the Westminster Catechism. The first two questions are:

Question #1: “Who made you?”
Answer: God.

Question #2: “What else did God make?”
Answer: “All things.”

I used these ideas for the first verse. Over the years my husband refined the lyrics, and added a couple of more verses and a chorus, using ideas from the first 12 questions of the catechism. It is one of our favorite songs, appropriate for worship, offertories and especially children’s choirs.


For His glory,
For His pleasure,
God made all things.
To enjoy Him
And to love Him,
Serve Christ the King.

Serve Him.
Love Him.
Do what He commands,
For He made you
And takes care of you,
Holds you in His hands.

Only one God
In Three Persons,
The Trinity.
God is spirit,
He is here now;
Sees you and me.

He knows all things;
Can do all things,
His holy will.
In the Bible,
He has taught us:
His word fulfill.

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Compositions - For His Glory