Many talented people could teach my child to play the piano, however, Kim Snow is doing much more: she is teaching her to love God’s Word in a variety of ways. First, Kim’s teaching style exemplifies Christ through her patience and grace while always challenging my daughter to remain accountable for her studies. Kim’s lessons and individualized musical arrangements have integrated God’s Word into my child’s life beautifully from the very start of her lessons. In addition, she has successfully trained my child to be disciplined in developing her gifts for the express purpose of glorifying the Lord publicly. Finally, by using hymns packed with God’s truth my daughter has not only been taught how to read and play musical notes, but Kim has also skillfully taken the time to discuss the song’s lyrics and their greater meanings.

As a pastor I always have an eye toward discipleship and teaching God’s Word, and frankly have been amazed at the link between my daughter’s growing proficiency in playing the piano and the strengthening of her walk with God. I would encourage all families to take advantage of Kim’s gift with teaching and her God-centered approach to music. Thank you Mrs. Snow for being my daughter’s piano teacher, her hymn appreciation instructor, her encourager to be purposed and disciplined in her studies, and her mentor.

Pastor Noble W.
Pine Valley Community Church