I appreciate that Kim Snow is teaching the playing of classic hymns. While it’s true that folks are still writing hymns that are doctrinally rich, Christ-centered and Biblical, the classics stand in a special category.

For one thing, they’ve stood the test of time, and thus they connect us with our past. As we sing hymns such as “Rock of Ages,” or “Immortal, Invisible,” or “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” or “And Can It Be?”, we are joining hands with believers of decades and even centuries past. It reminds us that Biblical faith was not invented in 2010. It reminds us that we are joined in our worship with saints from many times and many lands.

These hymns have seen believers through times of joy and harvest, and times of darkness, disease and persecution. These hymns distilled deep, eternal, Biblical truths, and made them both moving and memorable. They edify the spirit, inform the understanding, and stir the affections with deeper love for God, firmer trust, and higher aspiration.

I appreciate Kim putting them on the hearts, lips, and fingertips of our generation.

Dan P.